How to turn the timer off?

How can I shut off course timer for 30 minutes? Let me know gustav46

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There is no way to turn the timer off. Our App (available on android and iOS) doesn’t have a timer. If you don’t like the website’s timer, you may prefer using our timer-free App.

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There’s a user script called Memrise Timer Disabler…

Here’s the link:

For information on installing it, see this post. It discusses both Memrise Turbo and Memrise Timer Disabler:

You can control whether or not you use Memrise with a timer by enabling and disabling the script.


I wish they made a way to turn off that timer on the web version of memrise. :frowning:
I find that if I want a good challenge, I’ll use the web version, but most of the time I use the app since it doesn’t have the timer.

Sometimes when you are getting a little advanced, it is very hard to read a entire sentence within the very short amount of time they give you.

It needs to be a timer that can be turned off or one that can be changed to a longer time amount I think.


See the post above yours on how to do that.

If I remember correctly, we could turn off the timer for 30 minutes not too long ago. Why not now?

I remember being able to turn off the listening questions for an hour, but I don’t know about the timer itself.

Thank you. This works perfectly.

Please, consider adding possibility to disable the timer on the web (without need of 3rd party scripts). The timer is stressful and it is distracting from learning experience. Yes, I know that mobile app does not have timer, but I’d like to enjoy learning experience also on PC. Thank you.


The userscript is easy to install and use. Just use that in the meantime. If you’re asking for the benefit of other users I agree.

Thank you so much for this link! I was finding the timer quite stressful. The link made disabling the timer quick and easy.

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I’m with you. I’m not interested in adding userscripts to my computer and the only thing the app is good for is speed review, so that kinda defeats the purpose.

I’m quite disappointed to hear that they are not planning to add this since I was told the complete opposite when I first signed up for Memrise and asked about this.

Memrise Timer Disabler does not work anymore. does anybody know another way to turn off timer?

Still works for me, using Firefox on OS X.

You used an outdated link. Use this instead:

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Thank you very much, its working now!

As a middle school teacher using Memrise as homework, I agree that an option ON THE WEBSITE would be very useful. For most of my students, the timer is fine. However, I have one or two students who process information slowly and for them the timer is a big stressor. I can’t really suggest a 7th grader download and use third party software and neither of these two students has a smart phone or anything that can access the app.


Quite the same here… I totally agree with you. Maybe we should suggest Memrise to add some “teacher features” like timer on/off for the groups you create…! :slight_smile:

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It’s not a teacher feature. Turning the timer off makes memrise better for a solid majority of people. Memrise seems to have figured this out with the mobile apps, and they really should just do away with the timer on the web entirely - maybe adding a special “timed review” feature for people who really like it.


Also having an issue with this. I am learning beginning Japanese and I am at a point now where it is stringing together long sentences with 15-20 hiragana characters. By the time it even finishes playing the audio for me, I have lost almost half of my time. I am then expected to read 4 (sometimes even 8!) variations of the sentence and pick out the correct one in less than 10 seconds. It seems unrealistic and is making it quite hard to progress through my lessons.

I would very much prefer not to have to install a third party script into my browser just to be able to use primary features if possible.