How to test tapping only on custom course?

I’m trying to force tapping test only on one of my courses, but it keeps wanting to do multiple choice.

Hi, I think that ‘tapping’ is actually Memrise’s term for multiple-choice, but I could be wrong.

Memrise did make the function for no-typing test.
Click this link to see the solution.
Hope this helps.

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I see tapping for longer sentences – for the first six planting steps (learning mode of new words) – when I activate this option in my Memrise web settings.

I guess courses need to support it too?
I do not know how it affects the “typing / no typing” course option.

For classic reviews I guess tapping is turned off and replaced by typing or multiple-choice?

Here is your review solution for tapping with the Tampermonkey browser addon on Chrome/Firefox on the web (full desktop mode):

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