How to split already used course into levels without creating it from scratch?


I’m creating my own course adding every mont more and more new words. Now the course contains 900 items and it’s slow in browse mode. Unfrotunately I have also “Could not load the session. Sorry.” error when I try to learn now words :confused:
I’m not sure - maybe “Levels” is a new feature and it wasn’t existed in 2017 - so how to edit my existing “live” course and divide it into levels without losing my progress?

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There are three methods to divide a course without levels into levels:

  1. Do you have a list of all the words (both the word and the definition in for example Excel? And is the order of the words important to you (e.g. oldest first)?
    a. First step is to create a level.
    b. Then with Bulk add, add the words. Works only if the word and the definition is EXACTLY the same as the one existing in the database; then it will take the database entry (preserving all learning progress and attributes).
    PS: I have noticed that in some languages (Hindi) this doesn’t function correctly, because of the alphabet/script somehow. So test with three or four entries first.

  2. The fastest method: Use the ‘Create Levels’ button (I am not sure if you need to create first a level for this to work, because I don’t have courses without levels.). Steps.
    a. click ‘Edit Course’.
    b. Click ‘Database’ and choose the right database.
    c. At the right side, next to search, Add Column, and Bulk Add is a ‘Create Levels’ button. You can set the size to any value. I’d like something between 30 and 60.

  3. Create a level, and add all words manually.
    a. Create a level (not sure where the button is if you don’t have levels yet)
    b. Click Show/Hide (if needed)
    c. Locate the ‘Add Words’ field and type the first few letters of an existing word in the database that you want to add. It will give you suggestions of existing words that are already in your database (sometimes also in a database that you automatically get when creating a course).
    d. Click on the plus and the word is added to the level.

Hope this helps.



I’ve used the 3rd solution but only for 10 items. I will try to use fastest method :slight_smile:
Thank you John!


Okay, tx for the feedback. If it works you might mark it as a ‘solution’ for other’s help.

My problem is that my course has audio included, and since it’s a course in Mandarin, audio is a vital feature…

Any ideas?

If you think that the audio will only be linked to the entry in one level, then I think that’s not correct, and that the method I mentioned will work exactly the same when audio is attached. Or do you see a reason why it wouldn’t?

As I have written elsewhere: you should see a course as a database with many entries. For example:
ni hao - hello - <audio ‘ni hao’> - … - … (other details)
bu - not - - … - … (other details)

Once a level is created, in fact a list of pointers (as I call them) is compiled, each pointing to an entry. The audio is part of the entry. And so is your learning history/progress.
So when you add ‘ni hao’ to one level and to anther, both will have the same audio, as it is part of the same entry. Unless of course, you create a complete new entry - in that case you will see ‘hello’ twice in the database.

Does that indeed answer your concern or is you concern actually different?