How to split a learning day into two periods?

How to split a learning day into two periods? I would like to learn new words and sentences in the morning and in the evening repeat newly learned words. Is it possible to set that one in the application settings?

I’m afraid that’s not directly possible, all words become eligible for review according to the spaced repetition algorithm.
But if you learn words in the morning they should become eligible for review 4 hours later in your review sessions, alongside any other words scheduled for review.
You can manually practice any completed scenario or level as well, just find it by scrolling up or going to the completed tab (depending on what platform and version of Memrise you’re on), and click to see details then start a practice session.

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Absolutely, customizing your learning schedule is a great idea for effective language learning! While some apps might not have built-in settings for this specific split, you can create your own routine. In the morning, focus on learning new words and sentences. In the evening, use flashcards or review apps to reinforce what you’ve learned earlier. Consistency is key, so stick to your plan and watch your progress soar!