How to separate testing between two levels?

In my language learning course the different levels I have created go off into grammar. How do I make the testing not pull from the other levels? For example if level one is for consonants and level two is for vowels, when the learner approaches the end of the first level, how do I stop the test from offering answers from level two? HELP!

Hello @Jasemase and welcome to the forums!

When you start a review (or speed review) session while Memrise shows one or more words to be reviewed, these words can come from any level within the course.

If you want to restrict yourself to a given level, you need to start by entering the level which is when you can start a session just for that level (click/tap the three dots icon and select whatever you see fit). If there is at least one word in the review chain, the next review session will review those words. If there is no words up for review, the session will consist of all words in the level.

The reason behind this is that Memrise uses the → Spaced Repetition System which determines when words are to be reviewed. That said, when the system determines that words are to be reviewed, they automatically appear for review and reviewing those is required before you can manually review everything else (be it for the entire course or a single level).