How to see and edit all your difficult words in one place

I’ve been using Memrise for almost 1.5y now. Something that has always frustrated me is that it was impossible to see all difficult words at once, and that it was an extreme hassle to locate a particular difficult word, something which I required many times after accidentally (in the app) having clicked “ignore” when I wanted to quickly add a word to the difficult words list instead.

So here goes the solution: today I checked my stats. Merely incidentally, I noticed a button “Difficult words” in the upper right (“Problemwörter” in the screenshot" below):

Although a bit on the slow side, clicking this button will load a complete list of all your difficult words across all courses, neatly grouped.
You can also access this listing directly through this link.

@kevin5284: I do think it would be good to add this to the home screen too. IMHO this has not all too much to do with statistics, so I guess it’s in the wrong place anyhow.
It’s actually nothing but a link, so this should be easy.
With respect to Decks this would make a lot of sense too since there are no stats for decks. FWIW, the link works in just the same way for Decks as well: Difficult words on Decks.

I just thought I’d share this in case others didn’t notice either. :sweat_smile:


Hi Olaf,

Nice work! This is a theme that has come up in some of our projects and linked into some research we are looking at.

Thanks for sharing.


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This does not seem to work anymore. When I go to that page it only lists 20 words for a course that I have 108 difficult words for.

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@MemriseSupport, @lurkmoophy: are you guys aware of this?