How to report a mistake to a course's creator


I have found a mistake in one of the language courses I’m currently taking, so I 'd like to report this to the creator of the course. How can I do this? I know the name of the course creator but don’t know how to send him/her a message.

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You can write the name like this (ad an @): @As_V45. If he / she is active, the name will have a greyish background (like yours just here).

In many cases there are as threads on the courses here in the forum where corrections and questions should be posted, check the section dedicated to the language you study.

Thank you!

What should we do if we cannot find the creator by using the @ feature? (their username doesn’t show up)

In this case you simply can’t contact the course author. Consequently, you can only apply to become a contributor to the course and fix things yourself.
Read more about this here:


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