How to repeat all words the words time to time

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I need some advice for my course. I made a course of German, it has 27 levels of words and expressions. The first levels include very simple words, but I need to repeat it time to time anyway. Maybe do you know, how to include these simple words from first levels and “long-term memory” mark to daily repetition with new and difficult words? For example, 20% simple words and 80% new and difficulties. Because the words with ‘long-term memory’ mark could be also forgotten.

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I think that Memrise should automatically take care of this, because it uses a spaced repetition system; after you’ve learned a word, you should be prompted to review it 4 hours later, and then again after another 8 hours, and then again after a day, etc.


if you open a level it shows you in what time a specific word or expression is coming up for repetition (I think 6 moths is the maximum period):

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It doesn’t take care of repetition. If it’s an algorithm of repetitions, maybe possible to edit it…

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I know about reviewing words per level, but it’s not very comfortable. If I increase the quantity of levels, it will be a torture. I just need smth which works as trashold. For example, all the words after 40 days should be repeated. Smth like that.

no, afaik they come back after the indicated interval in the general review (per course on the app, per language on the web version), you do not need to review per level.
The time between reviews increases if you do well when reviewing, or shortens (I think) if you answer wrongly.