How to remove "pronounce tips"?

Hi - I’m going through the Nukemarine Japanese course, and the Hiragana decks show “pronounce tips” when quizzing the Hiragana. This is ridiculous because it basically puts the answer - in romaji - directly below the Hiragana!

How can I turn this quiz-ruiner off??



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Ah, wow; is this a standard Memrise feature? I’m not practicing Japanese at the moment, so this is the first time I’ve seen this.

I believe the standard approach for these types of issues is to install the browser addon Adblock or uBlock and then configure it to block the pronunciation tips. If you install Adblock or uBlock and then don’t know how to proceed, let us know :slight_smile:


Hi - thanks - actually I don’t know how to proceed - how would I filter out these clues, using uBlock, for instance?

For example, I looked at the html source of one of the pages of these quizzes, and I didn’t see any of the “clues” that render on the webpage. For example, the webpage I looked at had these clues “ko” and “Comb”. Yet neither of these text strings were on the html source of the quiz page. So how could I use uBlock to filter such clues?

If you have ublock, you can just right click the tip, and select block element, then create. To unblock, click the ublock plugin icon, dashboard, myfilters, then look for the line with the blocked element and delete it, then apply.

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@x15mnij, If you want to give it a shot using Adblock Plus, here are some instructions that should help:

(By the way, Memrise is rendered with JavaScript, so if you want to see the HTML element that houses the pronounciation tips, you have to right click the pronunciation tips and select “Inspect” from the context menu. This HTML element isn’t shown in the source code because it’s dynamically generated via JavaScript :slight_smile: Anyway, you shouldn’t need to manually do that if you use Adblock Plus or uBlock, though :slight_smile:)


here the solution with ublock origin

wow - thank you - i think this actually worked - I installed the uBlock Origin plug-in for Opera, and it worked! Looks like i was able to get rid of the romanji and even keep the kanji!

I was finally motivated to do this, because i found a recommendation to install uBlock Origin at


Glad to hear it worked!

Happy studying :slight_smile: