How to put sound in your own course?

I’ve just created my own English course and I don’t know how to add audio to it!

Hi Eduardo, you’ll need to add an audio column to the course.

  1. Edit your course
  2. Click Advanced at the right
  3. Select Add Column
  4. The new column should be of the Audio type.
    Once it’s there you can upload audio files to it.

Thanks a bunch!

Do you know if it is possible to merge to different courses?

I have created two different courses and I would like to put them together!

I don’t think it’s possible to merge different existing courses. Personally, I always create my courses in Calc (Excel) and upload “in bulk” when done. With the spreadsheets it’s quite easy to merge courses and re-upload.

I cannot find add column

Hi @liamarthurkalaw and welcome to the forum,

You need to click on “Databases” and then select the database you’ve been using for your course.

Good luck!

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How can I add audio for the answer section? I have already added some audio for the question - Word - section, but I need to add another audio file to the tutorial on how people pronounce the second part of the courses.