How to put all words into "review" state

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Hi all

I just fully learned a 50 word kanji level, then when I went back to review, I realised I was being tested on word and prompted with definition , but I wanted it to be the other way round so I edited the level to swap, and then saved. It now seems that I need to relearn them all (i.e. the level reset). How do I put all the words back into “ready to review” state?


I don’t think there’s an ‘automatic’ way to do this. That’s probably why they include this warning in the guidance note:

The only thing I can think of that may offer you a short cut is the “auto learn” script but it’s not something I have used:

Good luck!

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thanks for advice, just installed that script in tampermonkey and it doesn’t work. I’m been using using other scripts in tampermonkey that work on memrise, so I think it’s a problem with this particular script - it just doesn’t change the UI in the way it says on the tin.


How about the version in the final post in that thread?

If not, I’m out of suggestions, I’m afraid.

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No, Cooljingle’s “auto learn” userscript only works for words which have not been planted.

As Big_Bog has already planted them (6 steps) and the flower is there, you fallback into the default SR interval thing…

What Big_Bog would have to install is a userscript which reverses the testing direction for classic reviews (watering).

If you always want to have two testing directions, you probably have to clone each Memrise level and set this level to a different testing direction.

For the “unlearned” (added) words you can use the “Auto learn” userscript to skip the first six planting steps.

A course owner / contributor should also have a way that you can move the word state from unlearned to learned state.
A normal course user is not allowed to use that.
A longer time ago this functionality was called “auto_grow” and may be have been renamed to “auto_learn” which link you are not allowed to access for a learning/review session when you are not the course owner.

So this is where Cooljingle’s “auto learn” script jumps in.

To switch the testing direction:

I cannot answer the question if this user script from 25. April 2018 is still compatible with all the latest web code updates from staff.

You could change your reviews to 100 on the web here and simply do some over-watering.

But you need to know that you cannot track the SR interval, as the “next SR interval” is not beeing touched even you get the answer wrong (yellow or red) in an over-watering “classic review” session (e.g “all typing” activated).

If you want to have concrete SR intervals and a real “due words backlog queue”, I would like to suggest to Big_Bog to duplicate levels.

WARNING: This is all pure theory. Neither do I use the “reverse translation” user script nor am I a course owner so I have not duplicated levels and played with course settings.

But I believe there are other courses already available which may use this concept (and different settings per level, if this is any possible or simply switched two column definitions).


Please let us know if you are successful or what direction you have taken.


Thanks. As I said, that’s not a script I have any experience of.

It’s possible that I misunderstood but I didn’t think he wanted to have two-way testing. Only that he had lost his learning by reversing the testing direction and didn’t want to have trudge back through the whole learning process again.

I’ll stand down. Thanks again.