How to only have multiple choice responses

I have created an A+ course for myself and only want multiple choice style answers instead of enter in answers by the word. It would also be great to have the choices only show up from that section instead of the entire course to make guessing much more difficult. I am new here and this is my first coarse so please bear with me if this is an easy question.

I’ve been here years and creating courses for years and only asked this exact question a few weeks back.

My thread that I made a few weeks back asking the same might help:

If you want to make answers from just one section show up you want to create different databases on your course.

This might help as well:


I still have a question on how to have each level have its own database? Like I said I only want multiple choices to appear in each level and not from every level.

Um, first you have to create the databases, then add the words you want in each database.
Then once that is done, then you create the levels for the different databases.

I hope that helps, if it doesn’t I’m sure someone else will reply and help you out. :slight_smile: