How to make testing in only one direction?

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Good morning,
I created a “poetry course” recently, and I want the learners to be tested in only one direction (they should know the next sentence, not the previous one). I don’t know why testing is in both directions.

I want testing to be in this direction only:

thanks for your help


Does this help?

(Just a regular user) #3

In my experience there is no way you can do it only one way. You can set set like test on A, prompt with B. BUT it affects only typing and tapping tests. Multiple choice tests will be still both ways

If there is a way to turn of multiple choice tests, then it will be possible


Yes, it says that you can only set typing and tapping test, and that MC tests will still switch both ways. There’s nothing the OP can do about that. :disappointed:

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Maybe there are scripts that only allow typing. I think I read it somewhere


Is it the one mentioned on 28 June in this topic?

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In cooljingle’s list of scripts there is also one that allows you to set the testing direction to one way only. That also works with MC tests.

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Thank you everyone.
I guess I cannot solve this problem without adding a script, but should I then ask the learners to add the script too? I am afraid it will be discouraging.

(JHLewis) #9

This problem is very frustrating. Memrise, why can’t you solve this one? for testing a long definition it is waaay to crowded.

(Mila83) #10

Could you please write a script to fix this issue?
And by the way, I want to thank you for the “tapping only” and “typing only” scripts, that I downloaded today; They are really useful.

(Cooljingle) #11

As @Arete_Hime mentioned I had already made a script to do it, here’s a link to it:

I haven’t tested it in a while but can try to fix it if it doesn’t work anymore.

(Mila83) #12

Thank you, but the script is not working anymore.

(Cooljingle) #13

I’ve pushed a fix for the script (0.1.4); hopefully it’ll work once you’ve updated.