How to make sense of kanjis? . Images made into android app "Remember the Kanji N3"

(Duc Nguyen0494e99b16) #1

I have been dealt with the toughness of remembering kanjis for long. To learn the N3 Kanji part of the JLPT exam about 6 months ago I learned various of vocabularies with a really great android app for listing themJapanese Kanji Study - 漢字学習. But still I can’ get hold of their graphic meaning so I decided to create a simple app for remember kanjis through images Remember the Kanji N3. Some of it characteristics are

  • Combine graphic to radical methods to explain.

  • Short explanation of each of the images. Each image is funny and more clearly remembered with the explain.

  • Quizzs that support repetitive remembering to speed up your learning.

So try it and good luck with your learning!!!