How to learn NEW words with memrise mobile app?


I’m new to Memrise and I’m trying to learn a big list of words (5000+). But when I’m using the Memrise app it feels like the app just gives me the same words all over again. It usually just adds a few new words per “game” and then just random old words to review, i’d rather have like 20 new words per “game” + some old words to review. How do I set it up to actually show new words?

As it is right now, it takes ages to jut go through 50 new words just because it shows so many old words which really isn’t efficient for me.

The words are pretty easy, so I don’t really want to review them several times, but rather chose myself when to review them. I don’t want to have to review 10 old words i already know to learn a new word from my list.

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This does sound very odd. Using the app (can really only talk about the Android app, the iOS one might be slightly different), you either review (or speed review) learned words or you learn new ones - the two are never being mixed!

Maybe post a link to the course in question - maybe the problem lies in the course itself?

Maybe I phrased it wrong, but when I press learn it gives me like 2-5 completely new words with mems and then it gives me words I have previously seen (but maybe not fully learned yet according to the app). I want to have atleast 10 (preferibly 20 - 30) completely new words with mems for every “game”. As of now if I want to learn like 40 words, I will have to do atleast 8 “games” to get a total of 40 new words with mems. When i use the PC version it works better, it gives me a lot more new words and not many old ones.

I use the Android app, and the issue is not with the course as I have tried other courses with same result.

I guess you are following automatic recommendations and tapping on a big yellow button no matter what kind of learning mode it offers to you? Here is some good news - you can choose your learning mode (learn new words, speed review, classic review, etc): tap on another yellow button, small and round with three dots. Also, go to your settings page and choose how many words per session you would like to learn or review.

No, I have actually already set to learn 10 new words per session (which is max???).I just press the big yellow button if it says learn new words and phrases, otherwise I press the three dots and learn new words. But it still shows me words I have previously seen but without mems.

It’s a strange behavior, indeed. :slight_smile:

As for small amount of new words per session to learn - the problem could be in courses themselves. For instance, levels are consist of less than 10 words.

In regards to repetition of ‘old’ words, I don’t know what to think of. Anyways, you can ignore words that you already know - tap on a grey three dots button during learning session or preview and select ignore.

When you are learning new words and phrases (planting) on the app, it takes you through four tests on each of the 10 (or whatever number your preference is set at) new words/phrases in that first session, at which point the session ends. At this point, Memrise does not treat these words as having been fully learned (“in your long term memory”) and the flower animation is incomplete. If left at this point, I think they would be presented again after four hours (but I haven’t checked this). If you try to learn more new words/phrases straight away, it will always complete the ‘planting’ cycle for that previous set by giving you 2 or 3 more tests on each word/phrase, at which point you will see the flower animation bloom fully (and hear a ‘ping’). They are now treated as being in your long term memory and the timed reviewing cycle will start. At this point, if you want to learn more new words, it will let you. Otherwise, you could try opening a different level page in the course that has new words to learn (on my device, the dot is green,rather than blue) for these) and then start ‘planting’ from there.


Thank you, this is also what I figured. I guess I will have to learn each word fully, i.e until the flower is fully planted, before I can learn new words. I will have to learn all the words eventually so starting a new level before I have learned all the words in the previous one isn’t very good.

I haven’t gotten new words in over a month and I go through it every day in Very frustrating and getting boring. May switch to Duolingo even though I paid for this app for a full year last September.

I don’t know I am the newbie here

You can change the amount of words to learn in the settings of the memrise app from 5 to 30 if you want it to match the same amount as the website. Hope this helps