How to learn Japanese from Anime?

(Henry9696) #1

Hi everyone, i want to learn Japanese bacause i like animes. Can someone suggest me anime for learn? Please!

(Account under review) #2

Short answer, ya can’t learn a whole language from watching TV shows in that language mate.

(BlackParis) #3

Hey dude, honestly you can learn a language just watching series. But in that case, that i suppose that you don’t know the Japanese alphabet. Its gonna be hard to hear Japanese with Japanese subtitles. I recomend ya to first of all, learn the Japanese alphabet and then you will be available to learn kinda Japanese watching anime.

(⊂◉‿◉つ) #4

Like @ivorbcn said. Learn the alphabet by this course!

It’s really helpful. i’ve been using it to help myself get to grips with the strange language, Japanese.

(BlackParis) #5

Yes, the fact is that if you learn the alphabet will be easy to translate the subtitles when you see a new word. That’s a funny way to learn, but more hard. Cause you will have to translate a lot. But more fun. So Keep Going with our Advice dude

(⊂◉‿◉つ) #6

If ya wanna be more familiar with French thst could benefit BOTH of us. DM me in french :slight_smile:

(JTalk Online) #7

Hope it isn’t too late to chime in here!

If you’re interested in learning Japanese from anime here are some articles on the subject:

I also have a=two basic Japanese courses which focus on vocab and grammar commonly found in anime.

Hope those help!

(⊂◉‿◉つ) #8

Great! My suggestions were just a small bit useless, Thanks JTalk.