How to know when you complete a level?

I’m very new to Memrise and some of it is so confusing. I took German 1 to the point that I couldn’t access Learn New Words. I kept encountering an error message. Their explanation didn’t make a lot of sense. I’m currently in German 2 and have the same issue. Once you get to this point does that mean you completed this level or do you just keep on doing classic and speed reviews? Memrise mentions flowers will tell you if you completed a level. What flowers?

You complete a level once all new words are planted, however you should always come back to review those words once you have completed the course. Even a year afterwards.

If you have learned all the words of a given course, you’ve most like stumbled over a bug that tells you something along the lines of “could not load the session”. There’s a whole load of postings regarding this, i., e.:

In a nutshell: just go on and learn the next session/level. If you finished the course, go on to the next one.