How to I disable audio in a course? (and I'm not its creator)

Basically, some courses I want to take use incorrect sound clip for words, spoken by non-native speakers, and in languages like Japanese & Chinese that leads to horrible consequences, as correct tones are extremely important. So naturally, I don’t want to memorize incorrect tones from these sound clips. How do I disable audio in these courses entirely on my end?

Yeah I know I can just disable audio on my PC, duh, but then I’ll have to keep enabling and disabling it all the time, as I go to Forvo to listen to correct pronunciation of every word.

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Hi @Vivea,

If you are using the web version, there’s the ‘mute audio’ switch on the left hand side of the ‘learning’ and ‘review’ pages:

You can also go to settings > learning, and then turn off ‘audio tests’. You’ll need to do this too (or use the ‘30 minute’ option) or you will get audio tests with no audio!

If you are using the app version, go to profile > settings > learning and sound settings > audio preferences.


Thanks a lot!

Meanwhile I came up with another solution, but yours is much better. I knew that this site has to have extended options like this!

And if someone is reading this and is interested in alternative solutions for whatever reason, there’s a free Mute Tabs addon for Chrome that I’ve found. It will mute any URL that you blacklist, with any subpages you may open from it. Yesterday I successfully managed to selectively mute a memrise course this way.


@Vivea, FYI, I think that in Chrome, in order to easily mute a tab, when a sound is playing, you may be able to hover over the website’s icon in the tab and click the little speaker icon that appears. A downside of this method is that the speaker icon only appears when a sound is playing (and one hovers over the tab, I think), so if the sound clip is short, it can be hard to click the speaker icon, because it’s only present when a sound is being played.

Anyway, sounds like you have some other solutions now, but this might be good to know for the future :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s a good tip! I’ll use it to mute those countless blaring video ads that various sites like to throw at you these days. :slight_smile:

That said, I find it very odd that most courses never mention where they took the audio from. It’s not very important for many languages, but for languages like Japanese and Chinese it is. Chinese is self-explanatory, but in Japanese you will sound really odd if you mispronounce words or use wrong intonation, too. One course I tried included really bad sound clips, for example, one sound clip pronounced a word with a short vowel as long… Ok, correct pitch accent is hard to get, but vowels?! It’s legit harmful to memorize pronunciation of words from such sound clips! Short and long vowels are important in Japanese. I don’t post in the forums much, but I wonder if there’s a way to suggest for such languages to have a mandatory requirement to make it clear where the creators took the audio from? I think it’d have a good effect on the overall quality of memrise courses. Most creators would then care to use audio clips by native speakers!

Do we get to do the same thing on the app? I don’t think so. It’d undisputably be great to have this feature under the course’s settings in order not to get perturbed by any linguistical conflict that arise. Although decks seems to be overtaking the self contributed courses sooner or later, it wouldn’t be of a hassle just to integrating an option ELIMINATING ALL THE LISTENING EXERCISES of a course.
-Dankje for continuing to this thread to those before and after me