How to get rid of chat bots?

(Pierrax) #1

Hi, the learning propose to me all the time to tchat with tchatbots, i just HATE it, i find it awful and dumb, how can i desactivate it ? Thanks !

(Moynimom) #2

Wish I knew! I find the Chatbots and Grammarbots to be a HUGE waste of time. They might be OK for a child (except I keep getting the same ones over and over again - even a child would get tired of that). PLEASE, can someone advise of disabling that, or to the Memrise people - having these two “extras” on the PRO version is maybe helpful for sales, but it is not helpful for learning. Please develop a way to disable! Please!

(Periksson) #3

I agree giving the user this option would be a great feature.

(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #4

How about you don’t use pro, as you are wasting money on a product you don’t approve of.