How to get more repititions than offered


Is it possible to ask for more repititions, on the android app?

When I try to review more, the app tells me there’s nothing more to review, and to come back later.

I need more repitition than the average person, but there doesn’t seem to be any flexibility on that front.

I’ll check the desktop version later, but on Android I don’t see a way to tell the software “can you drill me on that again?”

Speed reviews are available all the time. You can do them in a course (in this case you get random items) or in a specific level (to review all items in this level).

Hi @dcwhatthe62,

I think if you tap the 9 dots, then you can do a classic review even though none to water.


Otherwise you can restart a level.

Or go to a level and set them all to difficult.


Thanks Hombre and DW7,

I see the grid of dots sometimes, like a few minutes ago, but not always.

For example, I’m not on the main Mandarin Chinese 1 screen. It has three boxes

1 - The basics 1 Continue Learning
2 - 2 day streak Edit goal
3 You have nothing to review

Never mind, I just saw it. For anyone with the same difficulty - if you start from the main screen on the android app, on the bottom you will see Home and Learn. Click on learn, then the 9-dot grid, and you will see several options including review.

Thanks, everyone.

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