How to fix laguage mix-up after changing prompts

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Hi there - I really need your help. I created a course for my Dutch students learning English. As they need to study both Dutch to English & English to Dutch, I clicked the pencil to change the prompting. All levels are now: test in Dutch, prompt with English. However, in the tests both languages pop-up, instead of one. Can you please tell me how to fix that? Thanks

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Hi @ylangbroek,

Did you duplicate the levels in your course in the way described in the final part of this guidance:

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Yes, @ylangbroek, I set up, what I call “reversed levels” to test each way - but it only works when the level has been fully planted, as when one is learning it tests both ways in different ways.

As a creator you can auto-learn to test they work as intended.

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Thanks @alanh and @DW7. Especially the Test Directions Overview you included, Alan, was really helpful. My problem concerned the Multiple choice questions, and now I know I can’t do anything to set that right. It’s a bit easy when students have to choose the Dutch translation and three out of four answers they can choose from are in English.
I’ve already removed the levels that tested on English and prompted in Dutch. The Multiple choice testing has improved a bit: two out of four options are now in English. I’m on the brink of giving up altogether. It takes a lot of time getting everything in (vocab lists, sentences, parts of speech, pictures and audio - and yes, I do use the bulk upload) I’ve created 6 courses before, only those tested in English and prompted in Dutch, and this problem has never arisen so far.