How to find list of my courses?

Hi! I just tried a MemBot, and now, I cannot find list of non-Memrise courses which I’m studying.

I was able to find the after clicking the ‘Main’ button before, but now, I have only the Memrise courses there :frowning: Could anyone help me, please?

You should swich back from Early Access to classic Memrise. Somewhere in your settings.

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Welcome to the forum.

If you are using the web version, the page on which you select the MemBot sessions has a link back to the community courses. On the Communicate home page, above wher it says “Chat with MemBot…”, you will see the language you are learning and a drop-down menu. The link is there.


Read the following posting (for the web) and/or mine underneath (for Android) for instructions about how to move back to Memrise classic: