How to download audio from course memrise?

How to download audio from any course memrise to listen to it in player?

It may be something only a Creator or Contributor can do.

Perhaps, set the ones you need to practice to “Difficult”.

But if you are being tested on the audio in a pair, it is possible.


Go to the web with a level with the audio shown, right click then save it. (Ask if you need more information.)

There is no easy way of downloading audio that I know of, and to the best of my knowledge Memrise simply doesn’t support a mass-download.

Things you could try (I never tried these myself!):

  • Check out Memento which is an offline alternative to Memrise; from what I gathered, it will download courses completely so you can use them offline. See → this forum thread for more information.
  • IIRC, the Memrise-2-Anki extension downloads all audio file so you can then import them into Anki.

Note that both solutions, if they do work at all, will leave you with a whole bunch of audio files, most probably without any reference to the text they contain. I’m sure there are tools that will compile all audio files in a given directory into a single file, but that’s a different story. What’s certain is that you’ll have to get your hands dirty.

If you do succeed in compiling something, please share your experience here with us!

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