How to disable audio and audio tests in a course? (In the web version)

I tried to follow the instructions here (on website) How to I disable audio in a course? (and I'm not its creator), but couldn’t find mute audio and turn off audio tests options. Turn off audio and audio tests are available in the Memrise app, but I want to use the web version.

Unfortunately they removed the setting for turning audio tests off.

They still have not bothered to update the help page.

Thank you for flagging @duaal, I’m afraid the option to mute sessions on web is no longer possible. The Help page has now been updated.

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Actually it seems you also removed the link to the learning settings completely. The direct link itself still works, but it no longer appears on the settings (landing) page.
(Also, despite the fact that I have set my language to “English” I get everything in German, LOL.)

The simplest of all tests, IOW to just open up a page, would reveal this. But no, it really does seem as if nobody cares to check whether and/or in what way a change affects the old (and or new?) system. Instead you seem to rather do whatever you can to break everything and everywhere!

BTW - the settings page on Android has become a nightmare - half of the time it takes 30s+ to bring it up. Bringing up the page of a person in a leaderboard sometimes brings it up, sometimes not, sometimes it’ll pop up some 10-30s afterwards. (At least in dark mode) the toggle button between week/month/all on the follower list is white on white, etc. pp (I could go on with this a whole while). The nicest term I can find for this is “irritating”.

I presume all this is related to changes incorporated with respect to your upcoming new system. Interestingly that new system’s beta (?) seems to only be active for new users. The majority of “old” (paying!) users is left to suffer from what you guys do, and that - for at least a year or so - has only been what I’d call a degradation.

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Oh well, I’ve been primarily using Firefox. I just went ahead and checked this with Chrome where everything looked completely different, including an additional link for the “learning settings”. It seems that it just took a few refreshes in Firefox to get the new popup that includes the learning settings as a new/separate entry, so this is probably only the result of another recent change …

By the way, there was a good amount of discussion about posting release notes which would allow your users to check what changed (or, preferably, would change in the near future). Another one of the promises was to post infos about new releases, but the last one I can find is this one here (sadly almost 2y back).

How about reviving the good habit to at least document what you do and/or did?

The new settings page and changes to the profile dropdown took place on 7th January if I remember right, so I have no idea how you haven’t seen the changes since then.

If you want to raise issues about Android please make a new thread else this becomes impossible to understand. I can’t imagine we’ve made any changes to that code for several years and it won’t have anything to do with the new version of Memrise as none of that code is used.

Regarding release notes, as I’ve said before we cannot do them as we at all times have several versions of Memrise in existence depending on betas and AB tests and changes we sometimes start for new users and later roll out to all users.

@tokyocity, a workaround could be to create a duplicate (sans audio) version of the course you’re working on.

First use tech189’s web-based script ( Memrise Scraper - tech189's Website ) to create a text file of the course and paste it into a spreadsheet. Then create a new course, create the required number of levels and copy-paste items from the spreadsheet into the levels using the Memrise ‘Bulk Add’ function.

If you need more detail on any of this, let me know and I’ll try to help.

Edit: to quickly remove all randomly generated (by Memrise) audio clips, you could delete the audio column for the entire course.

its pretty ridiculous that they removed the feature and loyal users are left with no other option. At some point we need to just get together and crowdfund a rebuild of memrise how it was 10 years ago.

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I wonder how long until memrise deletes the ability to create and manage courses completely? before that happens we need to get together and crowdfund a solution… build a platform like memrise circa 10 years ago.

Why was it removed? This is very bad for those of us who need to multitask and listen to something else while we study. Ever since I found memrise 10 years ago you’ve been slowly deleting useful features. So sad.