How to create possible incorrect answers? My course all has correct ones

(Little Hiker Bird) #1


I’m trying to create a new course and I’ve added about 5 words as a test. When I learn my course, all of the possible answers are the same correct answer.

Say I have a picture of a Cat and the correct answer is Cat. All four answers say Cat and there aren’t any wrong answers to possibly pick from.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thank you

(Dylan Nicholson 548) #2

I think that might just be a limitation of the algorithm when you have very few words in your course. You can actually add words to the dictionary that are not in levels, and it will use those as possible answers too. Unfortunately there’s no way for a specific entry to provide a list of “decoy” answers that are common mistakes people are likely to make. I have noticed Memrise does tend to try to choose answers that are somewhat similar to the correct answer among its multiple choice options, though there are still plenty of times that just randomly picking those options results in a question whether either the answer is absurdly easy (because all the “wrong” answers are too obviously so, e.g. not fitting a basic pattern for the right part of speech), or there’s more than one possible answer.


Hi @LittleHikerBird,

Similar issues have happened before and there are a number of earlier threads in the forum which discuss them. Here is a link to one example that includes a suggested solution from one of the Memrise team which may work for your course:

It sounds like your course is an image-based one. If so, it’s just possible that there is something in your course settings that is causing the problem. I have a simple image-based test course that I use to try things out on. If it would help, I can let you have a link to it and add you as a ‘course contributor’ so that you can access the edit function and have a look around at the settings and try it out.