How to Create New Mems?

I’ve just logged back into Memrise after being away for a few months and I’m feeling rather disoriented. I’ve spent the last half hour trying to figure out how to add a new mem onto a word/phrase, but the “Add Mem” option does not seem to exist anymore. Could someone please walk me through how to add mems in the new (desktop) layout?


Hi @BlackTea_LVB and welcome to the forum,

Sadly, the new (Beta) format doesn’t currently have a mem feature. The Memrise guys have said that they are considering how best to re-introduce it into the new format. There’s a brief comment about it in the “Memrise Labs” section of the forum (in the “Launching Classic Review alpha” topic).

Currently, you can still do what I do, which is to turn off “Beta” in your settings and revert to the previous format, where it’s still possible to create and see mems.

Hopefully they will come up with a long term solution that allows us to see mems in the new format. For me (and lots of other users) they are an important part of the learning process (and one of Memrise’s USPs). During my time on Memrise, I’ve created almost 1400 mems and would really hate to lose them!


you couldn’t be more right unfortunately

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Very sad since SRS (Spaced Repetition System) and Mnemonics are by far the best ways to learn things.

Memrise only has Spaced Repetition now. They have taken the Mem out of Memrise. :man_facepalming:


Thank you for the information. That’s what I was afraid of…and it’s really a shame, because the mems were really the only thing that set Memrise apart from other language apps. Hopefully they figure out a way to reintroduce them, or if not, another app comes out to fill the void.


hmmm is it just me but memrise beta mode has taken a downfall


I certainly understand the need to make changes and keep things up-to-date. But removing a key feature seems like a big step backwards, which seems hard to justify.


exactly wasn’t memrise supposed to have mems IT EVEN SAYS IT IN THE NAME

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I’m so glad someone asked this. I’ve been going crazy trying to find this feature. As most of you have pointed out, mems were the only feature that separated Memrise from other systems. I always think of the swahili word for "kijivu " that had a drawing of an elephant with the two straight tusks and curved trunk emphasizing I-J-I. I hope I can get back to the old system, and that they don’t change it. And BTW, email help, didn’t.


Hi @katetx2001, welcome to the forum,

To get back to the old system, ‘uncheck’ the box under “The new Memrise experience” in your settings area:


Yes, this is really ridiculous. The whole neurological basis behind Memrise and what makes it a valuable application is the creation of mems. Without this it just becomes another rote learning site. Thanks for the tip on turning off Beta!