How to create answer with some OR, OPTIONAL parts?

(Zenek73) #1


I’ve met some time strange behaviour while answering questions with … [] / () I’m not sure - are there some special rules to create some logic ?
A: “Would you mind opening the window (please)?”
where “please” is optional
“I know it/that”
where “I know it” and “I know that” are both correct.

The same with “'ll” and “will” or “'ve” and “have” …

Are some rules defined we can use to create answers more “smart” ?

(Mthierst) #2

there’s a definition somewhere what brackets et al are supposed to do - the main issue with this is that memrise can (and occasionally does) change this at any point, thus breaking all the clever arrangement people made.
What I do instead is enter the individual solutions I want accepted as Alts - so for “I know it/that” I would put two entries, ie “I know it” and “I know that” so both get accepted when typed.


The explanation of how punctuation marks are treated in tests is in the Course Creation section of the FAQs. Here’s a quick link to it:

(Zenek73) #4

Memrise is smart and modern - so why when I learn english it can’t recognize that both eg. “It is” and “It’s” are both correct? Really - just simple string comparison? When I have eg:

  • How’s going? - as an answer then I have to add also as an alternative:
  • How is going?
    and many other examples