How to create a course containing a list of existing french words with audio

(Ps3587) #1

My son has recently started to learn French at school, so I thought that I would create a course for him using my account, containing the words that he needed to learn for that week. That was straight forward. However, I had to add my own audio. If I knew how to pronounce the words, I wouldn’t need Memrise! I should be able to select existing french words from Memrise’s own french courses which already contains the audio. Is this possible with the existing software or if not, it doesn’t sound like it would be difficult to add, so can someone recommend the feature to a developer?


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I don’t think you can mass-download Memrise’s audio files. However, you might want to check out Forvo. It’s a website that helps people exchange words/phrases that have been recorded by native speakers in many languages. Although I haven’t tried it out myself yet, it sure looks very interesting!

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Hi Olaf, That wasn’t my intention. I was simply suggesting that when someone creates a course, they could select one or more words from a list that have been added to a Memrise course. Selecting the word would allow your course to access the audio that Memrise added for their course. So in the case of my son, we could create a course containing the list of words that he needs to learn for that week, and because they are from the Memrise course, we would have automatic access to the sound of those words so we would know that they have been pronounced correctly.



You can do this,

When you create your course, add a level before you start adding words. This will expose the “Database” button (it only displays when a course has more than one level). Click on the Database button and select “French” from the dropdown list. Then, when you start adding words to your first level, those that already exist in other courses will display for you to select from. Many of these will already have audio files attached to them which, if selected, will transfer to your course entry.

You don’t need to populate your second level straight away. You can do that later.

Hope this helps.

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Oh wow, that’s great! I’ve not used multiple levels before so didn’t see the database option. I shall have a play. Many thanks alanh.


That should do the trick but come back if you need to. It’s likely that most of the words you need for your course will be in the French database and will have (possibly multiple) audio files attached.