How to continue after Speed Review?

After finishing my Speed Review I don’t know how to continue as I cannot see a button to store my results or continue lessons other than to go back to the former page. This way my results are not being stored, so I keep getting the same Speed Reviews over and over again.

Btw: I’m using the desktop version.

It’s discussed in this other forum topic: Launching: Speed Review and Memrise Labs Toggle.

While they are revising the way that Speed Review operates, a web-version session is set at 100 tests. If you bail before that by clicking on the “X”, your session score is lost. Let’s hope they put that right soon!


No, sorry, it’s not a matter of bailing or whatever. I simply cannot see the ‘continue’-button on my screen after I have successfully finished a Speed Review.

Only now I discovered that there was a little something right at the bottom of my screen, but I couldn’t see nor touch that. So I scaled down my screen significantly to find out what it was, and yes - THERE, down at the bottom, out of reach of a normal horizontal screen is that continue-button.

Could you please ask the developers to fix this a.s.a.p? I never ever encountered a problem like this with any website, so it should be considered a glitch I think.


Luke - could you take a look and advise bolletjeb, please?


I suppose it would help if you could post a screenshot, ideally along with information about your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, …) and the browser that you’re using.

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I’m using macOS Catalina 10.15.5 and Safari version 13.1.1.

Below you can see what it looks like on my (normal) screen. I have taken this screenshot from the bottom part of my screen, where you can see the “little something” (i.e. a tiny part of the continue button) that I mentioned before in this thread.

I’ll try and get @lurkmoophy’s attention again, maybe @MemriseSupport could see into this as well!

This is a horizontal spacing bug it looks like. I can see the edge of the button to continue at the bottom of the screen…

One way to fix this is to toggle on the new learning sessions in Memrise Labs so you’re seeing the new ones we’re working on (that fix this issue). From the dashboard, go to Settings > Learning Settings and hit the memrise labs toggle. Speed Review is one of the first ones we’ve improved :slight_smile:


Thank you lurkmoophy for showing me how to fix this. It works properly now.

(But please could you leave out the stupid video at the end of Speed Review… I know you guys are fond of silly intermezzos, but you shouldn’t force us to “enjoy” them. Just a button “continue” will do. - Maybe you could give users a possibility to put them on or off in the settings?)

Sorry bud, that ain’t going to happen. Silliness is part of our DNA :wink:


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Good one!

Oh I see, obviously you’re all part of the BorisJohnson family… That’s where your silly DNA was rooted, wasn’t it?