How to contact course creator if they don't have an account on

I know the username of the course creator (in this case it’s thelanguagelearner123), but they don’t appear to have a public user page on so I can’t message them - is there really no way to send a message otherwise? And yes I know this question has been asked before but I didn’t see any clear answers.

No, there is no way to contact anyone except here on the forum. If you want to edit the course though, you can → apply to become a contributor to the course, in which case Memrise will contact the course creator.

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Hi @dylan.nicholson.548, it may be worth giving a link to the course in case there is a Contributor looking after the course.

Not all Contributors list in the description that they are supporting the course.

Otherwise there are many other courses that are supported - several by myself.

Yes I saw that, but I’m not fussed about becoming a contributor (particularly if it might take a month for that to be approved!), just wanted to check something with the course owner. Anyway, thanks.