How to add Mems to your course?

:seedling: :sunflower: Hi course creators :sunflower: :seedling:

I am creating a course for which I have already created a Mem for each word.

I would like to upload these Mems to the words directly. However, I don’t see any way to do this without actually taking the course myself and when I come across each word, upload the Mem at that time.

Do you guys know a way to add Mems to the words in my course without actually taking the course myself?


I guess the “preview” feature would kind of do the trick, but you would still have to see every single word once.


Hi @Onesmy :tulip:

Thanks for popping by and giving a working suggestion!

For those who may read this thread, here’s the instructions:

Like you said, we need to preview each word in order to add a Mem. Though this is much better than actually taking the course ourselves to add Mems. Thanks a bunch! :tulip:


I’m happy that you find this an acceptable solution! :slight_smile:

Actually, you don’t even need to be the course creator to do so. Here is a screenshot from a course I’m taking. I just have to choose the level in which I want to add mems to add them before the learning sessions.

This is quite useful since sometimes it can take quite a long time to have a good idea and then create a mem…


I was faced with this issue some time ago and yes @Onesmy’s suggestion of the preview works, but can be a bit slow.

However, what I decided to do in the end was to create a column for images (which displays when learning or getting it wrong) then I uploaded the Mem image into each each line of data.


How do you upload the image? I was trying to do this with my course. Is the image column testable or as an attribute? I wanted to make them an attribute so they show up when learning or after an incorrect answer. The Memorize FAQ says this can be done but has no instructions on how to do it.

How do you upload the image?

When you create a new column, you have to make the column one that accepts an image, then you can upload it once the column is set up.

Without checking it, from memory, I think you can have an image as either a testable column or an attribute or both. (If both, check it doesn’t appear at a test)

I think they show up with the “More” not “Less” option allowed by the user.

Another issue may be you have to tick to show the first attribute after a test.

Have a play with a short level of say three items.

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Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was needing to find out.