How to add course to PC and Android app


i want to start learning this set:

on PC:
After i start learning, the course does not show up in any of my lists, i always have to go to above link. what am i missing? How do i add a course to my list of courses?

on Android:
The course does not show up there either in my lists, and i cannot find it when searching for it. are only certain courses available on the App?

Thank you!

The course should show up both on and your mobile app once you have completed a first learning session.
If it doesn’t show up on Android, do the following (one after the other, only if the previous one on the list didn’t work):

  • in the course list, pull down to refresh the list
  • log off and log back in
  • log off, uninstall the app, clear the app’s cache via the system settings, re-install, log back in
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