How to add audio from TTMIK to course?

Hi everyone,
Sorry if this is a question with an obvious answer.

However, I am trying to create a course based on TTMIK my first 500 Korean words. But I have no idea how to add audio to my course. TTMIK offers audio files for this course here. However, the audio for the words are all in one file. So how do I upload the audio of one word to memrise?

Do I need a software so I can edit TTMIK’s audio file?

Hope someone knows the answer to this question :slight_smile:

The file you linked is a .zip-File. If I unpack the file I see 50 mp3-files with titles like Day1.mp3 to Day50.mp3.

I listened into one of those files. That seems to consist (I’m not familiar with Korean …) of several words. If I get you right you want to cut each of those 50 files into smaller pieces? And each piece equals a word (or sentence)?

I would use audacity to accomplish that. Audacity is open source and freeware and lets you edit sound files.

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You don’t want to use the TTMIK courses that already exist?


Yes, I want to cut it into pieces so I have the audio for words. Will check out the site you mentioned. Thanks :slight_smile:

No, because this is not the course that I’m taking. I’m using one of their new books now and there’s only one course for it and I have no idea how often it will be updated.

I agree with @Foorgol’s recommendation. :+1:

I use Audacity as well (and not just for Memrise). It is a great site to use for a myriad of audio purposes. What you can do with it is only limited by your imagination !