How many scenarios in French are there in total?

How many scenarios in French are there in total? How to view my progress?

Hi @SvetlanaRakhimova, hope you are enjoying MemRise French and welcome to the Forum.

Could you clarify what you are asking, please?

Perhaps @MemriseSupport could reply regarding their official courses.

Also I hope you know that there are loads of French Community produced and supported courses, accessible when you log into the web version (as opposed to searching in the App).

These do appear on the App once started on the web.

I’m not sure how many there are in total, basically however many are on the Learn tab if you scroll down. It’s easier on web to explore because of the grid structure compared to the mobile apps. While there are scenarios for every video in our Immerse section, they repeat words from the Scenarios on the Learn tab.
There are around 3800 words and phrases to learn, and you can see how many you’ve done on the homepage, on the left of the yellow Daily Activities section.
We are working on ways to make your progress more understandable, but for now you can see how many scenarios you’ve completed by going to the Practice tab and at the bottom are your Completed Scenarios, full of words you’ve learned, though still need to review

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Thank you so much. I found information that there are 5,000 words (and phrases) and I did find the number of the learnt words on the website app (not mobile version).
I discovered the community courses too.
It would indeed be good if we could see progress showing something like xx scenarios out of xx and xx words out of xx

But I’m quite happy that I found the indicator of the number of words. It helps in my planning.

Thank you! Happy New Year :christmas_tree::gift:

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Thanks @James_g_memrise for your detailed reply.

The “Course Dictionary” is also a useful function.