How many lessons do I get free?

Hello, I am wondering if I can only do lesson one and two, 1: words and phrases and number 2, grammar in French. Please notify me if you have this answer, by the way, it’s making me review it over and over again. I really like this app and wishing to find out soon : )

You will be able to do all the lessons for free, but if you pay you just get extra features.

I’m not sure (I bought the lifetime license right from the start), but I think that this is true only for community courses. There seem to be some limitations for official courses, i. e. you might be able to only access some levels (or courses) with the “free” version. But, again, I’m unsure about the exact limitations!

@MemriseSupport: could you help us out regarding the exact limitations of the free version vs. the sub, please?

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Hi all,

The features a user has access to after subscribing will depend on which course they are learning (e.g. Learn with Locals is a premium feature, however it’s not currently available for all languages- see more here).

You can read about the features unlocked with a subscription here:

As an example, if you are learning French, please see the following features you can access when subscribed if learning on web:

Full access to levels 1-7
Learn New Words mode
Classic Review mode
Speed Review mode
Difficult Words mode
Listening Skills mode
Learn with Locals mode
Learning statistics

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


Thanks for that @MemriseSupport,

For the benefit of others (and those friends I encourage to try MemRise), I know the subscription enhances and extends features on your excellent language courses, but do people have full access to Community Created courses if they don’t subscribe?

Yes, unsubscribed users still have full access to community-created courses :slight_smile: