How long is a "Learning Streak"? 365 days?

I have been active on MemRise for years and I prefer to vary which course I learn on week by week, rather than keeping to one course. (I even like to keep to a subject [eg Volcanoes and Earthquakes] for a prolonged period, learning and revising on several different courses at the same time).

I finally reached 365 consecutive days of learning :slight_smile: and was hoping for:

a) a 1 year medal (a bit like the daily goal [continuous days on a single course] is honoured) and

b) the counter to keep going, but a week later it is still showing 365 days. (Can it be that it doesn’t expect that loyalty or it can’t do the maths?!)

Does anyone here or on the team (eg @Lien, @OliviaZavala or @Joshua) know what the policy is?
And is there any chance of badges for everyone who has achieved this in the past as well as now? :ribbon: :boom: :trophy:


It won’t ever increase beyond “365 days” @DW7 because, as the counter heading says, it shows your learning history for the last 365 days ie it’s a rolling 365 day period.

On reaching “365 days”, though, a :tada: or a :confetti_ball: would be nice…although, sometimes, I half expect mine to show a :spider_web: !



I took the wording from my home page summary that just says “Best streak”.

But i) thanks for letting me know and ii) yes a recognition would be appreciated.


Impressive! I kind of messed up at 225. Got busy with other course work and missed my revisions. Well done for keeping it up. BIG UP !


Many thanks @sircemloud. It would have been two years but I went on holiday for a week without internet last year and had to start again! :cry:

Any good soul needs a rest.

I only started my streak last September, back from hols, with 300 words at least to review. Was grateful for the quick review button :wink:


My streak is blocked since last year or something - I know because I’ve been away for a couple of days every now and then, and the streak did not budge. Not that I would care, to be honest, I am one of those strange creatures with strong will and intrinsic motivation :sunglasses:


Perhaps saying the obvious, if you click on the “more” under the streak month calendar, on the next page you should have three numbers, your total, your best (longest) streak and your current streak.

Is that stuck?


The streak badge is stuck, that is normal, I think. Your badge is your best streak. Or that’s how I understand it.

But The Pro features on the website gives more views on more streaks.

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I think i made that 197 days streak in 2014…:grin: I don’t have a badge as I blocked all those badge goals streaks scripts. I mean the blue (Pro) graphic.

EDIT: big change!!! was it that somebody looked into my graphs? the longest streak changed to 136! lol. It’s moving!

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Just to clarify, I have been talking about “continuous days of attending” (ie learning on) MemRise for which we do not get any badges, just a personal record of streaks (current and best) but no one can see that score. It’s for that reason I have been advocating it would be nice to have a 1-year badge.

We do however get a coloured circular badge (in 5 point increments) for a “daily goal”, which is for continuous days of learning on a single course, which anyone can see.

For instance @sircemloud is currently “245” (well done!), and I decided to stop when I reached a round “100” on a Geography course.

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To clarify: I did also mean the blue Pro graphic. There my longest streak changed today from 197 (which was as said from 2014) to 130 or something, and the current streak is 60 - I have no idea if that is true or not:-)). I look at the pro graphics often, to see my reaction time(s). I love that graphic (“times of day when you learn best”.)

I don’t have any badge because I am not using the daily goals (I am using a script blocking goals, the moon/sun and the clock.)

well, a badge for one year in which one had learn events every day? you’re probably right. But… look how often people complain about broken streaks.

Thanks for your clarification @Hydroptere, I wasn’t sure.

Glad you find uses for your ‘Pro’ membership.

But… look how often people complain about broken streaks.

I agree, it is a serious point that the streaks sometimes don’t get updated, whether the continuous days or the single course streak (and badge system) but I have found that it is eventually corrected by the end of the day. Recently there hasn’t been a problem, so hopefully the issue has been fixed.

Lets hope for a “1-year continuous learning on MemRise” badge or cup. (I wonder how many times we need to continue to request this, to fill the blank circle that says “More badges to come!”)

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I kept a screen shot of my best streak back on 27 January @ 365 days - though it was earned sometime before that. Today it’s showing 266 days as best streak. Any clues why that might be? I also agree with you DW7 - there should be a badge or something for continuous learning across all courses.

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No, not many clues, I’m afraid, Maxine.

I think it’s all to do with the “rolling 365 days” period and where in that period a break in learning fell. What does your “Learning stats” tile look like? An extract from mine is shown below. It currently shows both my “best” and “current” streaks as “250 days” (not too different from your figure of “266 days”) as a result of a 4-day break in October when I moved home. Prior to that break, I’m fairly sure I had made the"365 days" milestone but I can’t remember when exactly that would have stopped showing as my ‘best streak’ (ie in the last 365 days).

Your figures would suggest that you last had a break sometime around the middle of October and, if so, I don’t really know why your best streak was still showing as “365 days” on 27 January. In the 365-day period 28 January 2015 to 27 January 2016, (with a break in mid-October 2015), I would have thought your “best streak” at that point would have been something around 260, ie the number of days between 27 January and mid-October (when the assumed break occurred). :dizzy_face:

Others may see things differently.


I’d love to see a learning streak badge for consistent Memrise use, as well.

The badge we have now is for a goal set in an individual course. With this badge, I find that as I get near the end of a course with a long streak, I try to drag out the last few lessons as long as possible to keep the streak going. So, instead of planting the next 15 words, I water until I’ve met the point goal, and then switch to another course.

If we had a badge for overall Memrise use, I’d be more inclined to focus on the new badge and finish courses instead of dragging them out. Let’s reward using Memrise every day, regardless of which course it’s in!


Thanks for your support

The current course badge means one has to choose a long course in the first place!

The only pointless trick would be to reset learning on a difficult level to reach your goal.

So yes! @OliviaZavala, please can we have a “Continuous days on MemRise” badge (if only the 1 year status) so others can see our loyalty and persistence (as they can’t see our learning streak or graph.).


Thanks - will get back to you. Currently snowed under (not literally).

I think I’m in remedial mode (once again). Can’t currently copy my graph in, but my figures are:
Total = 328…Best streak = 265…Current streak = 63. It’s very weird because I didn’t have any break last October - can’t even remember when I last had a break. My most recent break was 27 March to 2 May inclusive.

OK. I’ll have a play around with those numbers later and see if I can make anything of them. It may take a little time…:smiley: