How I can get the whole words that I 've learned?

I just wanted to ask how i can get the whole words I’ve learned in the past

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If you open Classic Review or speed review, any words you have learned will be there to practice.

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If you want all words across all courses, go to your settings page and click the “Download Personal Data” button which will lead you to a separate page.

If you’ve done this before, you can just download that list. Or you can “Request New File”. Depending on how much you learned, this may take a while, but IIRC you’ll receive an archive with all words learned, across all courses.

Note that the 2nd page may offer you different options, but a request-button should be there.

Let me add, after I tried this out again, that, after I started the process, it took around 10h until I received an email which directed me back to the aforementioned download page where you can then download an HTML file which contains all data that Memrise gathered. Sadly, the list of words learned only consists of the target language’s words, it does not include the source language resp. translation which I thought it did.