How has learning your target language benefited you so far?

Hi everyone! I thought it might be fun to share some “Success stories” if you will, of how your target language has benefited you and improved your life.

Well, I am learning Mandarin Chinese. I made it my New Year’s resolution to learn it and I have stuck with it. I have met many new friends and interesting people by using the language. Also I proved to myself that I can, in fact learn to read Chinese. Something that I thought would of been impossible before I started this journey. Learning to read Chinese characters has given me confidence to believe that I can conquer any hard task if I put my mind to it. I am six months into my journey and I am not planning on giving up, ever :wink:

Please share your stories! What joy has your target language brought to your life?

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So far for me with learning Japanese, I am able to read basic stories, don’t have to rely on subtitles as much (well for children’s movies/shows, ha) and am even able to watch some shows with just Japanese subtitles.
And with adult Japanese shows/movies I find myself not having to read all of the English subs all the time as I recognise quite a few Japanese words.

Obviously not a major “success story”, but it is gradual progress and am happy to where I’ve got so far, and can see myself zooming through the next few stages of learning Japanese as I am getting more and more confident in my learning ability as I learn more. :slight_smile:

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Just now mostly confusing my wife by asking questions in Tibetan.

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Memrise has helped a lot with my school subjects such as languages like Latin and French. Memrise has been a very big help :grin:

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I understand large portions of the conversations around me and can understand/lightly communicate with some of the staff if needed at places we frequent.
Also I can troll my bf with song lyrics and stuff.

My L1 is Portuguese, and learning English allowed me to be part of MemRise community and answer your question.