How does the Review Algorithm work?


I am writing here to ask about how the review feature mathematically calculates which words you need to review, and how often you need to review.
I am trying to learn a large number of words with an end date in mind. I am not worried about “learning” them all (I am referring to the memrise term) before that date, but I know that, for me, it is the review function which is the most important when it comes to retaining the word. I am worried that I will have “learnt” the word, but not have reviewed it enough to have truly learnt the word.

I would like to know how soon after first learning it that the memrise algorithm presents a word to be reviewed. It would also be interesting to hear how soon after reviewing a word the algorithm will present it for a second time or third etc… Does it ever stop and is that point determined by a total number of times reviewed, or how often you review? If the memrise algorithm does assume you can review a word to the point of long-long term retention, how do you reach this point?

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Here is a link to an earlier forum topic which has the explanation:



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