How does Memrise work?

Hello guys. I got a question, but first let me tell you that the language that I’m currently learning is English(US). My native is Bahasa Indonesia, but as you can see in the SS above that Dutch is also included. Sorry if this has been asked before. I’m new here, so can someone elaborate how does Memrise decided to include Dutch in my course? Thank you.

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When choosing a course to learn, there is a setting you can change which says what your native language is. Could it be that yours is set to “Dutch”. On the Android app, it looks like this:

On the website, there is a dropdown box on the course selection page which has a similar function.


The problem seems to have fixed itself after I access the android application through Memrise website page when I click Course because I have checked my native language and it was set as Bahasa and did not change it. Anyway thank you, because the problem has been resolved.