How do you contact a Course Teacher/Creator to notify them of an error?

I know there’s a lot of work in creating a course, and don’t want to insult anyone. However, I don’t see a way to notify a course teacher about an error. Am I missing something?

Some course creators (I don’t really know what proportion of them, though) make course forums here.
Here’s one of mine.

You may what to read this post about Abandoned Course Requests.
This is really for when the course creator doesn’t look after the course any more and you would like to make the corrections for them.

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Thanks! I posted in the ConLang section, since the course is about Esperanto. The course creator’s name didn’t appear when I used “@”, so they may not be active. Of course, I’ve been in and out myself, so that’s not surprising.

I’m a contributor to a short course, due to it being abandoned a while back. I don’t see a way to make a form so folks can let me know if there are issues. Of course, I’m sure it’s perfect in every way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there something like an Esperanto Consortium that might help moderate courses? Say, a group of several who help work each other’s courses, and who cover different topics instead of doing the same book over and over?

I’m a newbie, again, and just getting back into things.

I put a link in the descriptions of the courses.
Here’s one that I am a contributor to: