How do I view my streak and whether I've achieved my daily goal?

(Pert Boioioing) #1

With the new update I can’t seem to find a way to view my streak or whether I’ve achieved my daily goal anywhere on the main page. Is this gone by design, is it missing due to a bug, or is this information displayed elsewhere now?

(Foorgol) #2

This is due to the latest release:

(Moving Shadow) #3

As long as this bug is not fixed, you can check your daily goal in the mobile app. You can also click the “Set a daily goal” button, then select the amount of points per day, and the daily streak will appear (but once you refresh the page, it will disappear).

Daily goal setting is lost (Shut Down)
(Pert Boioioing) #4

Thanks everyone!

(Tekchic) #5

Where can you tell your streak status in the app? I see a “79” with a rocket in the corner and it’s yellow… does that mean I hit it for the day or not? Does it turn green? What color is it if the streak isn’t hit?

A little annoyed that it’s not showing up on the main website – I went through all of my daily streak courses, hit my goal, but now it’s not showing up. If I choose my daily goal again – now it’s showing that I haven’t hit it for today. I don’t know which to believe…

(Foorgol) #6

When it is yellow you hit your goal in the app, otherwise it’s greyed out.

(Tekchic) #7

Thanks! Man, these guys need to study some user interface design. Green might be a little easier to understand as “done” indicator than yellow. And for red/green color-blind users, maybe also add a little “check” in the top corner or something next to the streak #.

But - gray to yellow - got it! Guess I’m done streaking for the day. :smiley:

(Hughb99cfc5a75) #8

The in-app indicator is still very poor. I had to come to this forum to work out what the rocket symbols mean. Why not when you tap on the rocket, show a little summary ‘Progress towards goal today’, as well as the existing interface for changing your daily goal.

(Thomas Heiss) #9


Any news about this subject to re-display streaks for completed courses with a specific “review goal” on the web portal?

Your official 1-7 course series do not have so many words or an additional / unused level (not fully planted words) to keep the active streak going for REVIEWS!