How do I unignore a word?

I accidentally marked a word as “ignored” in level 15, the word being ทราบ. How can I mark it unignored?


If you go to the level page on the website (I’m not sure about what happens with the app.) you have the option to ignore/unignore words, the icon is above the time to next watering info. The ‘save’ button is then at the bottom of the page.

You’re lucky you know what level the word is in, otherwise the only way to find a word is to check each level!


That’s very helpful, thanks. I wish Memrise would put a bit of work into their interface, but it’s the best vocab builder out there right now for Thai, and it’s free, so I try not to complain too much.

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You are kidding me memrise? You make it so that pressing ‘i’ while attempting to retype a word I’ve got wrong ignores a word (it’s incredibly annoying that some of the time the word needs to be retyped, and sometimes it doesn’t, but that’s another story), and then I have to search through every single level to find where the word is to un-ignore it? Not only that, when you do finally find the word, it’s not just a single click any more. Now you get to click “none” and then scroll all the way down (and down) to the bottom to “save”. It’s like the head of interface design is either sabotaging Memrise and is actually working for a rival, or is just high all the time. Add this to the growing list of idiotic regressions.


Typing “i” will ignore a word in the mem-select screen, not when you’re typing the answer into a text box. If you’ve got a cursor in the text box, you’re safe.

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But it sometimes takes a moment to realize. It happens to me too, if I get a wrong answer, I automatically start retyping it. And then I sometimes realize I’m actually being shown the preview screen first. Luckily I always notice the confirmation dialog before pressing enter, so I do not end up actually ignoring the word.

Still haven’t fixed it so that typing ‘i’ ignores a word, and then you have to manually go through every single level to find the word and unignore it?

It looks like it is impossible to un-ignore now except from wiping the whole learning history for the level. Amazing! Greenman has a point…


Whatever makes you think that you have to wipe the learning history for a level? If you know the level, and you are on the web, do what Leggi said above. (If you don’t know the level, you can often find the level using a Google search).


I’d really like to be able to unignore words, as I figured out I ignored some 111 words I wouldn’t want to ignore (out of 5000). It’s really a big headache to go through each of the 300+ classes again.

Has there been any solution to this issue yet?

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Hi, apologies if this isn’t what you’re looking for but from what I can find it’s fairly easy to unignore words, (on the web atleast, I also apologise if you’re using a phone version as I can’t help much there) I’ve attached some photos with arrow directions to do it on the web version, hope it helps !

(edit to add the picture to save)

Best of luck learning / Bonne chance apprentissage :smile:


Thanks, this helps a lot!

I followed your steps. My problem seems to be different. In ‘Korean 1’ it says I’ve 8 ignored words. I never ignored any. When I got into each chapter, it keeps telling 0 words ignored. All of them show 0 words ignored, yet when I come back to the main screen for Korean 1, it still says 8 are ignored.

Same for Korean 2 now. Not sure what’s going on…

It’s probably the grammar lessons, they only work on the mobile version of Memrise, so when you are on the web version they may be automatically ignored to avoid problems.

I think you may be right. Thx for the reply & info :wink:

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