How do I start the new essential travel language courses?

MemRise recently announced several new essential travel language courses.

How do I find them?

I’ve searched extensively on both the web version and the Android App, but all I’m shown is their 7 language courses per language.

None of the buttons show me anything else.


I’ve even logged out and back in again.

Even the “Open” from the App store takes me to what I am doing.

@MemriseSupport Please Help Me.

This is soooo very much Memrise’ish again.They bring something out and there’s no information at all, neither in the blog, nor in the forum or elsewhere that I would have come across. And you can’t find the courses themselves either. These courses even introduce a new feature: you get a listening test (with or without subtitles), and I quite like it, too!
But, again, it wouldn’t be Memrise if they would allow you to start one yourself. Instead, you need to wait for the app to offer it to you. It’s really just incredible. :see_no_evil:

I actually was able to start one of the courses. I got a notice in my Android app last Monday, so I took the French course to check it out. Couldn’t start it in any other language though because I don’t find the courses either and the Android app (probably) doesn’t offer the courses again once you started one.


It’s a ‘promotion’. I got an email on Monday which had a link to the courses and a little more information than appeared in the app notification. According to the email, you have to learn all of the phrases in the chosen course before 31 March to be eligible to be entered into a prize draw.

The page that the link takes you to contains the Ts&Cs for the prize draw. Here is a link to the page I was taken to:


Hi all, thanks for raising this. Sorry that finding and opening these courses wasn’t as straightforward as we’d hoped. I’ve passed this feedback onto the marketing team and we’ll look into what happened for future campaigns :slightly_smiling_face: As above, you can find all courses and details on the prize draw we’re running here.


Thanks everyone. It’s a tiny bit extra to their 7 language courses, relevant for the Covid era.

Is the Japanese link broken? I’ve successfully started Portuguese, German, and Spanish, but that Japanese link just laughs at me and zooms into the image when try clicking.

(I understand I only get one entry, but I’m interested in learning the Japanese phrases as well since Covid currently appears semi-permanent.)


Hi @continental_kanaka and welcome to the forum,

The link above worked OK for me just now but you could try this one and see if that works for you:

Good luck!


Woo hoo, thank you so much, @alanh! That link worked perfectly. :v:

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So, I am curious.

I already have a Memrise Pro Yearly subscription. The Travel Courses say that if I finish a course I can be part of the drawing, Yup, That was easy!

But then it says that I have to have the LifeTime Memrise Membership to be eligible for the drawing.
Okay, that seems fair, Plus the discounted Lifetime Membership is a really good deal over the regular yearly price. Super!

But, it says in order to “upgrade” to the Lifetime Subscription, I have to “cancel” my yearly subscription and wait for it to “run out” before I can apply for the LifeTime subscription. My subscription won’t renew until September 2022 by which time the Travel Drawing will have ended and I’m sure the Discounted LifeTime Rate will no longer be discounted.

Am I just S.O.L. here, for both opportunities, just because I already have a paid membership?

Thanks for your response.

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Hi @Metqa, as an already-subscribed user, you just need to complete a course, no need to upgrade to the lifetime plan :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, thank you for explaining.

As for the LIfetime plan, I am going to make a note to sign up for it once my current subscription ends. It’s totally worth it anyway!


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You got me interested. Thank you.