How do I see my points so far today after I've completed the daily goal?

There’s a progress bar but I can’t see the number after completing it. I want to have an achievable daily goal set, but also be able to see how far past it I’ve gone when I have the time.

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Hi Joe and welcome to the forum!

Do you mean on the web version? At the end of a review, it comes up on the (second) “Session complete!” screen (after you have clicked on “Next”) . After that, you can see it on your dashboard in the black box to the right of the relevant course title. Strangely, if/when you return to the course homepage, it’s nowhere to be seen.

Edit: Disregard this reply. See post immediately below and subsequent revised OP above.

Thanks for the response.

I just realised when the goal is complete it doesn’t show it anymore, that’s why I can’t see it. So i deleted the goal but now it’s deleted my progress for today, and deleted my streak when I added the goal back.