How do I review the due words before starting to learn the new ones?

Hi. New user here. I’ve used only Anki for SRS so this is my first time really trying Memrise. I’m a bit confused about distinction between ‘continue learning’ and 'classic review ’ and the order I’m supposed to see them, or if I have to use them both at all if I want to use the app in a similar fashion to Anki. There you just have one button I start learning/review process, and you can simply choose in the settings if you want to mix new and ‘old’ what’s words or review before starting with the new material. If that’s how i’d like to use the Memrise, would I simply press on classic review first, do all the words which are due and then press continue learning after I’m done reviewing? Is that it? I’ve read in the similar post that ‘continue learning’ also means reviewing so it’s a bit confusing. I’m using the android app if that matters. Thanks!

Whatever Memrise suggests as the next step (or session type) seems to be nothing but random these days. The best you can do is to simply ignore it and instead decide what you think is appropriate.

If you’re using the Android app, just tap the “three dots” button and choose a session type.
On the web, the three dots button is a nine dots button. :slight_smile:

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