How do I know which "you"

I am on level 3 Russian. In the review how do I know that ты is correct for “you” and not вы— when the question is to choose the Russian for “Do you understand”? It seems to me ты понемаешь or вы понемаете would each be correct.

Also in the review when do you use Картошка for potato and when do you use картофел ?

ты - singular you, вы - plural you.
From this, what I check, Картошка is quite often used in recipes and картофель is rather used in gardening etc.

@macmiller194083 try to be more precise, it will be easier for others to help you. I suppose you’re talking about this course

for which in the first level, there is a card “ты понимаешь? / do you understand?”, and when watering, you are asked to type the answer, and nothing indicates whether “you” should be singular or plural.

@pasha75 could you take a look please?

@macmiller194083 note that there is a dedicated thread for the official Russian courses [Course Forum] Russian 1 - 7 by Memrise


I am still trying to figure out which forum is the one I should use. Maybe now I will be able to get to the correct place. Thanks again for your redirecting my post.

I am referring to the global review. “you” is not identified as singular, or familiar or plural. What is even more confusing is that a possible answer using ты and one using вы are given, each with the correct verb endings for “to understand”.

I am very sorry, Macmiller, but my reply before was misleading. This isn’t the right place to put your queries after all. I got confused, too :frowning:

The link that @fflorian posted is the right place to go if you have questions about the memrise Russian courses.

Sorry for making things even more confusing, I hope all is clear now, though.



Hi, @macmiller194083 and @fflorian.
Thank you flagging this. Ты понимаешь? is in singular. But both singular and plural translations from English are correnct in this case, so we have added the plural form to the alternatives, so your answer will be marked as correct during the test. Hope it helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions or concerns.
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Hi @macmiller194083.
Thank you for your questions. I have already replied about the plural “you” in onother thread. Regarding potato, you would say “картошка” about a dish (жареная картошка - fried potato) and картофель as an agricultural term. Hope it helps. Best of luck, Pavel

I also encounter a problem with the word orange in the reviews. The fruit is correct in level one and the color in level two. However which form of orange is expected as a correct answer is not specified in the review.

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