How do I know which orange?

how am I to know if the correct answer to “orange” will be the fruit, “апельсин” or the color, “оранжевый”?

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Which course are you doing?

Can you post a link?

Nobody can correct this if there is no information about which Russian course you are doing.

Many thanks in advance!

(PS, I am not from the memrise team, just a seasoned forum user :slight_smile: )

Obviously I’m not a seasoned forum user. I am having more trouble with this format than with the Russian Language. I thought I had included the course. Obviously I did not.

Russian. I am on Level 3 but the review covers that level and the 2 previous completed levels. In the review it asks you to type the Russian for the English word “Orange”. I never know if it means the fruit or the color.

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I think you should be posting in this forum:



Is the problem referred to here - orange the colour vs. orange the fruit - something that appears in the memrise courses for Russian?

Yes. I am on level 3 Russian. In the review it just asks for the Russian word for orange. It does not indicate fruit or color and only one answer is considered correct.

That is a pain in the bum, but it should be easy to rectify it by just adding (colour) or (fruit) after the word ‘orange’.

I have tagged the Russian expert so hopefully it will be seen to soon.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated!

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