How do I increase number of words per learning session on the Android App?

Is there a way to increase the words per learning session on Android mobile. Currently the default is 10 words which is the highest you can go. Is there a way around ?

Sorry @sasket352 I don’t know, but I had assumed the Android App copied what I had set on the web version in settings.

As mine is set at 10, I had assumed that is why I get 10.
Ditto for revision (review).

Guess you could try that if you don’t now get a reply.

I’ve changed the title a little so it gets noticed and flagged the MemRise team.
Hope you didn’t mind.
When you get an answer, then it can be changed back to “How to

Cc @MemriseSupport

Hi @sasket352, I’m afraid this can’t be increased and 10 is the maximum you can set for learning words on Android.