How do I comment or give feedback on courses?

(Boucle D Or) #1

I found some courses and would like to contribute to them, but I cannot find any way to contact the authors. I know it was once possible, but how do I do that now?

Sure, I can create “Mems”, but they don’t allow me to add sound :confused:

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(DW7) #2

Hi @boucle_d_or,

Try searching for the course in the Forum.

Alternatively see if the creator is active by typing @theirname then send them a PM (Private Message).

If all else fails, contact the MemRise staff.

If you want help searching, post the course below and ask my help by adding @DW7 to the reply.

(Mila) #3

Complementing the @DW7 information, Kevin5284 (Memrise Team) is preparing a way to add people as contributors to a course. See MemriseMatty’s post:

(Mila) #4

Hi @boucle_d_or :slight_smile:

There is news on how to be a contributor. See the topic below:

(Deichtine) #5

Is there a way to provide feedback or ask questions on memrise official courses, other than these forums?

(Olaf Rabbachin) #6

Apart from the forums the only other means of contacting Memrise is their contact form that you’ll find in the upper right of the help section. Here’s a direct link:

(Deichtine) #7

Thanks Olaf

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(Kalogrenant) #8

i have created several courses in hungarian and always list my email in the course descriptions

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(Boucle D Or) #9


Thanks for the responses. I do think there’s still too many steps in contacting a course author. There should be an integration of the forums and the memrise or decks or whatever website it is now. An account on the course website should automatically create an account on the forums.

Every course should have a button or link to the automatically created feedback thread so that users can simply click, be forwarded to the thread and communicate there. Maybe an additional button to send the course maintainer a personal message through the forums.

I have since moved to quizlet since I know that integration will take a while (if it’s done at all). It just allows me to copy a course, put it into a folder and modify it as I like.

Have a great day, everyone.